Boardroom table

Here’s a walk-through of some renovation work we carried out to a very large boardroom table. As you can see from the photographs below it was really in a sad state, with heat marks and general damage all over.


To get this table back to it’s original, impressive finish Andy needed to use a chemical called Nitromors which softened the polish and allowed him to use fine wire wool to gain good access to the beautiful veneer below. Once done this was then neutralised.








Below you can see the table undergoing final preparation and going through the polishing stage, taking care not to leave any preparation marks as these would show through in the final finish.




Here you can see the intricate work involved in repairing the veneer where it had been previously damaged.





A bit more polishing and final rubbing of the finish…





Finally, here is the table in all its renovated glory, carefully refinished and ready for many more years of service.






We take a pride in our work and enjoy bringing beautiful pieces like this back to life. If you have a similar job or would like to enquire about our range of services, then please click here for a free quotation or a friendly chat.




Antique furniture refurbishment

Many antique furniture items pass through our workshop and here’s on such piece. This substantial sideboard unit had quite a few years of damage and desperately needed some TLC. We sanded and colour matched the finish then added a protective coat that should see it through the next century!




Door refinishing and refurbishment

Very often we are asked to finish, re-finish or completely refurbish doors.  People often forget that doors form a huge part of the look and feel of a property. Having a classy entrance that matches your room really matters and when bespoke doors can be so expensive, it pays to get your existing door finished in your choice of colour or stain.

Here are a few of our recent finishes.  We have ‘ebonised’ the door below and it fits in very well with the contemporary and modern surroundings. Ebonising is another form of staining and polishing.



Here we have a beautiful 5-panel oak door with a satin finish and chrome hardware. Although it looks new, we actually stripped, sanded and bleached the wood to remove water damage and then applied three coats of yacht varnish.




Complementing this is another entrance in the same property, sporting the same satin finish but with half-height glass.




If you are keen to replace, refinish or refurbish your doors and would like to discuss our range of finishes then please get in touch here or call us on the numbers above.


Heat ring and scratch removal

This table was suffering a common complaint – a heat ring mark caused by a hot drink being placed on the surface. It’s something we see a lot and the cause is usually, mugs, casserole dishes, hot irons… you get the picture.

There are a wealth of fixes you can read online but some can be quite poorly thought through and can often make the mark worse, requiring more work to get it repaired by a professional.

Here is our ‘after’ shot where you can’t see the stain at all.



Getting scratches and marks like this professionally removed may be cheaper than you think and we are happy to give you a quotation. Get in touch with us here

Bedside table refinishing

This pair of bedside drawer units were in need of refinishing. What is nice to see, even on the simplest of furniture, is how the wood grain really ‘pops’ when a finish is applied. It often requires stains, lacquers or oils to make the most out of different woods and our experience working with lots of different materials really helps here.

Here is one of the finished bedside tables:


cabinet restoration sutton coldfield

Repair and restoration in Sutton Coldfield

Here are a trio of unique items that we were recently asked to bring back to their former glory.  The first, pictured above, is quite a nice cabinet that houses a record player and space to hold several albums. It’s quite a unique piece and one that has a distinctive grain pattern on its many faces.

The bedside table pictured below shows off its new depth of shine well, with a nice feature inlay on the door.




Finally, and probably the most impressive, is this four poster bed which has very intricate detailing. Items like this can be tricky to refinish but we have good experience so you can trust us with your finest pieces.




If you have a similar item that you’d like refinishing then please get in touch with us now for a free quotation.

Coffee table restoration

Some items of furniture get well-used over time. Take this coffee table for example. It had suffered a few years of general wear and tear so we were asked to give it some TLC. We think that we did it proud!



If you have some items of furniture that you would like to bring back to life or any insurance work that needs carrying out to a high standard, get in touch for a free and friendly quote now.