French polishing

Antique or modern furniture that has a high lustre, French polished finish can often get damaged or fade as time goes on. We can restore your furniture so it looks ‘as new’ again, sometimes better than new!

Our restoration services include French polishing, veneering, staining and colour matching which means that we can tackle most finishes to give an impressive end result.

Cabinet restoration West Midlands

Fine furniture deserves fine restoration!

On-site restoration or taken away

We can restore your furniture, flooring and fitments in situ, or for items that need more time and attention we can transport them to our workshop where they will get the necessary attention. This is sometimes faster as we can apply finishes or extra layers when required and not have to work around your clients, daily hazards etc.

Larger items such as bars, dressers, wall panelling, floors etc are often essential to do on-site, but our pricing remains competitive whether we remove the item or not.

Insurance Customers

We can French polish items that have suffered the following:

  • Water Damage
  • Accidental damage
  • Burglary damage
  • Smoke and fire damage

We have good experience working with large and small insurance companies and we can carry out a full range of required services such as initial assessment, reporting and final completion of the job.

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