Wooden floor restoration

We are able to offer a full restoration service for wooden floors to both residential and commercial clients. By using the latest stains, oils and lacquers we can achieve a beautiful and robust finish that will last a long time. We can also use solvent free and water-based products where required.


Wood floor renovation west-midlands

An intricate floor pattern undergoing renovation


Wooden floor restoration, when done to a high standard, is often more cost-effective than laying a brand new floor.  In the instances where the flooring is of a high quality material, it makes sense to simply sand the top layer and add a finish that brings it back to ‘new’ again. Sometimes our clients prefer a more rustic look and we can do this too, ageing the timber to make it fit in with the surroundings.

We are careful to keep dust at a minimum and we can achieve this using our advanced machine sanding tools that capture most dust and debris incredibly well. We also hand-strip finishes where required and do sympathetic repairs to areas that are discoloured due to sun or water exposure.

Commercial wooden floor restoration

For our commercial clients we can offer a full renovation and refurbishment service to flooring in shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, public houses, clubs, museums, sports halls and more. We understand the need to work to strict timescales and health and safety regulations and can adapt to your project’s requirements.

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